The reality is that smartphones exist. Wireless communication exists. I can access the Internet from anywhere. When I use cell phone jammer, they almost always try to solve problems that are completely different from what I think they're solving. Smartphones and wireless devices are spreading rapidly. If there are social problems that these realities seem to create, the best solution is to stop the telephone.

Other people's smartphone use is disconcerting and distracting. Illegal use of the Internet seems to be a big problem. We will use radio wave jammers. But the real problem is that most exams are based on traditional learning concepts. Testing makes everyone better and fraud obsolete.

Whatever radio interference, radio repeating and interference by increasing its transmission power to improve the availability of radio signals in shortwave radio propagation of highly reliable predictor of hard, so the interference occasionally found one day it's not particularly effective. The receiver can't understand which signal it's receiving. We've been able to block cell phone signals, GPS interference. It is effective to prevent the transmission of signals from the network.

The ON/OFF switch with a button is easy, and the green light indicates that the device is working, so you don't need to operate the antenna to install, configure, or set the software. The wifi jammercan identify a single transmitter to assess its effectiveness.

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